Ford Specialist in Byfleet

The Importance of Visiting an Expert for Ford Servicing, Vehicle Diagnostics and More

If you own a Ford vehicle, it likely plays a central role in your life. Maybe you rely on it to get you to and from work in Byfleet every day. Perhaps those trips include dropping the kids off at school too. You might even use it for long weekend drives to unwind in nature. Whatever the specifics, your Ford is an asset in every respect. It’s vital then, to leave your car servicing, MOT tests, vehicle diagnostics and repair work in the hands of a proven Ford specialist.

At JH Autos Ltd, we specialise in all Ford-related services for motorists in and around Byfleet. From Ford servicing to the use of Ford diagnostics equipment, we are the trusted choice for private motorists, business owners and fleet operators alike.

The owner of our company has a long-standing history with Ford. He worked for the company for more than 10 years before establishing JH Autos Ltd as an independent garage. During this time, he gained considerable knowledge about the Ford vehicle range as well as the manufacturer-specific tools used in car servicing, vehicle diagnostics and more.

Whether you need an MOT test, Ford servicing or urgent repair work, find out what makes us the trusted Ford specialist for motorists in and around Byfleet.

Why Choose Us to Work on Your Ford?

Manufacturer Knowledge

With JH Autos Ltd, you can rest assured that our team has the know-how to deliver optimal care to your vehicle. With years of Ford knowledge informing everything we do, we find and diagnose issues quickly, allowing us to recommend solutions just as swiftly.

In comparison, a general garage with no background as a Ford specialist will likely take longer. This not only costs you more in labour, it also increases vehicle downtime and disruption.

Be it car servicing, an MOT test or any other work, we recognise the importance of getting you back on the roads of Byfleet as soon as possible.

Specialised Equipment and Services

When it comes to vehicle diagnostics, JH Autos Ltd operates a Ford diagnostics system. We also perform Ford servicing in strict adherence with the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

Our company ensures that you receive dealership-quality services at a much fairer price. It’s uncommon to find Ford tools and equipment outside of dealerships. This is due to their cost and the training required to use it.

At JH Autos Ltd, we consistently invest in our company and team to deliver the kind of results expected from a Ford specialist. This approach extends to services that don’t apply only to Ford vehicles, including car servicing and MOT tests.

Genuine Manufacturer Parts

As a customer-focused company, we treat your satisfaction as a priority. We recognise that all our customers in Byfleet and beyond value peace of mind. Key to achieving this is the use of OEM parts following Ford servicing, vehicle diagnostics and MOTs. 

Of course, you always want your Ford to perform to the same high standards. This is especially true after repair and replacement work. With Ford-manufactured parts installed by Ford specialists, this is exactly what you get.

With JH Autos Ltd, you don’t have to worry about compromising your vehicle’s performance following your car servicing, MOT test or diagnostics check. Our team ensures your Ford operates to optimal standards – and maintains its value – long into the future.

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