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Have you noticed a recent change in your vehicle’s performance? Whether a dashboard light has switched on or it’s a mystery that you can’t quite identify, we strongly advise visiting JH Autos Ltd for a vehicle diagnostics test. We understand why you may wait and see if the issue resolves itself. The truth is, this rarely happens. Warning lights rarely reset without professional attention. By delaying, you only give small issues more time to develop into bigger, more disruptive problems with a larger repair bill.

As a Shepperton-based company, we welcome motorists from locations including Bracknell, Byfleet, Reading, Sunbury and Walton-on-Thames. With impressive turnaround times and unmatched customer care, we work with private motorists, business vehicle owners and fleet operators across Surrey and the neighbouring Berkshire areas.

You don’t have to wait for a problem to arise before visiting us for vehicle diagnostics. Current industry guidelines recommend this service on an annual basis, whether or not you notice an obvious problem.

Along with car servicing and MOT tests, diagnostics checks play a key role in vehicle performance, safety and maintenance.

If you’re in Byfleet, Sunbury or any other nearby location, call 07920 144 909 to schedule your diagnostics test.

What Are Vehicle Diagnostics Tests?

In short, a diagnostics check is a simple test performed by a member of our team that detects hidden or undiagnosed problems with your vehicle. We use the latest innovative equipment, including a Ford diagnostics system, to find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Modern cars are sophisticated, technologically advanced machines. They come equipped with a network of sensors and microchips that work in conjunction with an ECU to monitor vehicle performance.

When the system detects a fault, it takes the necessary action. Not only does it illuminate the relevant light on your car’s dashboard, but it also stores a fault code in the ECU.

During the test itself, we plug our specialist vehicle diagnostics equipment directly into your vehicle’s ECU. We then download the stored codes and decipher them using information provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

In a matter of minutes, we can tell you exactly what’s wrong with your car. This eliminates the need for lengthy troubleshooting. It also reduces the chances of misdiagnosis during a manual inspection.

With vehicle diagnostics, you not only save time and money, but you minimise disruption by getting back on the roads of Byfleet, Sunbury and the surrounding areas as quickly as possible.

What Issues Can a Diagnostics Check Find?

At JH Autos Ltd, we use our vehicle diagnostics equipment to identify a wide range of faults, including:

  • Problems with Engine Management
  • Air and Coolant Temperature
  • Fuel Injector Performance
  • Issues with Engine Timing
  • Crankshaft Problems
  • Engine RPM Levels
  • Camshaft Position
  • Brake Problems

Has one of your vehicle’s dashboard lights switched on while driving in Byfleet, Sunbury or the wider Surrey and Berkshire area? Visit JH Autos Ltd for a fast, effective and affordable diagnostics check.

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