Vehicle Diagnostics in Sunbury

Car Servicing and MOT Tests | How We Deliver Complete Car Care

Do you have an MOT test or car servicing due soon? Or has a dashboard light switched on and you need urgent vehicle diagnostics to resolve the issue? Every motorist in Sunbury and the surrounding areas has specific, wide-ranging needs. As such, it’s not always easy to pool your maintenance and repair requirements into one place. At JH Autos Ltd, however, we provide an extensive range of services designed to cover all eventualities. This includes the Ford servicing, diagnostics and repairs our company carries out as a proven Ford specialist.

Because we cover so many needs, we are the go-to choice for private motorists, owners of business vehicles and fleet operators. By leaving all your repair and maintenance needs with us, you save time in the short-term while reducing your long-term vehicle costs.

Our team shares more than 25 years of industry experience. We know how convenient complete car care with one garage is. You can rely on us for MOT tests, car servicing, vehicle diagnostics and any subsequent repair work.

Answering Your Questions About Complete Car Care

Are you a Ford specialist?

Yes, Ford vehicle owners in and around Sunbury choose JH Autos Ltd for Ford servicing, diagnostics and repairs. Before establishing our independent garage, the owner of our company worked for Ford for 10 years.

Today, we use this vehicle and equipment expertise to undertake various Ford-specific services. We meet and exceed the standards of main dealerships at a more competitive price.

What car servicing do you perform?

JH Autos Ltd meets the needs of every low- and high-mileage driver in the Sunbury area. In addition to our Ford servicing, we provide interim, full and major services for all vehicle makes and models.

As you would expect from a reputable garage and Ford specialist, we work through a multipoint checklist that complies with industry guidelines. Because we offer vehicle diagnostics checks too, we can also reset the illuminated service light on your car’s dashboard.

In our role as a Ford specialist, we complete Ford servicing in line with the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

Much like MOT tests, we may recommend repair work following your car servicing. We happily complete these for you.

Do you perform MOTs for Sunbury motorists?

Absolutely! Our mechanics inspect your vehicle in strict adherence with the guidelines set by the DVSA. As with our car and Ford servicing, we work through a varied checklist of parts and components. These include the brakes, lights, steering, tyres, number plate and much more.

MOT tests are strictly visual, so we cannot alter or remove any feature on your vehicle.

Does JH Autos Ltd carry out vehicle diagnostics?

Yes, we have equipped our workshop to meet all your diagnostic needs. Our company has invested in the latest diagnostics systems to ensure we deliver a fast, accurate service. As you would expect from a Ford specialist, our equipment includes a Ford system.

We use our equipment to download fault codes stored on your vehicle’s ECU. This rapid service cuts labour time and troubleshooting services. With a more efficient, effective approach, we get you back on the roads of Sunbury with minimal delay.

JH Autos Ltd is always looking to make your life as a vehicle owner simple and hassle-free. We’re more than happy to bundle together your car servicing and MOT test, as well as any subsequent repairs, to help manage disruption over the long-term.

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