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Is your MOT certificate about to expire? If you own a car or van that is 3 years old or more, it will likely need an MOT test by law. When JH Autos Ltd passes your vehicle, we confirm that it meets the current legal standards for safety, roadworthiness and exhaust emissions. Please note, it’s illegal to drive a vehicle that doesn’t have a valid MOT certificate. If you do, you risk a hefty fine. You’ll also probably invalidate your motor insurance, and you can’t renew your road tax either.

Our Shepperton-based team is the trusted choice for MOT testing in the neighbouring Surrey and Berkshire areas. From Byfleet to Sunbury, and from Bracknell to Staines, local motorists trust us for a fast, fair and honest service.

After passing your vehicle, we present you with a new MOT certificate valid for 12 months. You can visit us for your MOT up to 1 month before your old document expires. We add the time remaining on your old certificate to the new one.

What to Expect During Your MOT Test

Put simply, your vehicle’s MOT is its yearly health check. As a strictly visual test, the member of our team assigned to your car or van cannot change or remove any part or component.

The test involves a multi-point checklist of various external and internal features. We mark each item on the list as a ‘pass’, ‘advisory’ or one of 3 fault categories: ‘minor’, ‘major’ or ‘dangerous’.

  • Minor Faults – These problems don’t represent an immediate risk to safety. But you should have them rectified soon. We can still pass your vehicle if it only has minor faults
  • Major Faults – These issues are a potential risk to safety, be it yours or other drivers in and around Byfleet and Sunbury. They could also impact on the environment. Vehicles with major faults can only pass an MOT test following the necessary repairs
  • Dangerous Faults – These faults pose an immediate risk to your safety and that of other motorists. They result in instant MOT failure. If your vehicle has a dangerous fault, you shouldn’t drive it again until fixed

Following a successful MOT, JH Autos Ltd hands over your new certificate. With your new documentation, you’re free to get back on the roads of Byfleet, Sunbury and the surrounding areas immediately.

MOT Failure | What Happens Next?

If your car fails its MOT test, there’s no need to panic. As long as you don’t leave testing to the last minute, you will still have a valid MOT certificate. This means you can legally leave our premises on the day, providing your vehicle doesn’t have any ‘dangerous’ faults.

Following the test, however, we will issue a VT30 certificate recording the failure. This lists the reasons for failure, your vehicle’s details and the MOT test number.

We can only issue your new MOT certificate after repairing the faults that led to the failure. The quickest, most efficient way to resolve the situation is by leaving your vehicle with us for the necessary repair work. This minimises downtime and means you only need a partial retest on the original faults.

You should note, if you delay the repairs for more than 10 days, you will need another full MOT.

For complete car care in Byfleet, Sunbury and the surrounding areas of Surrey and Berkshire, JH Autos Ltd also carries out car servicing and vehicle diagnostics.

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